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Analytics meet action for unparalleled growth. Dive into a world where data transforms into strategic decisions for Zazzle research with Lyn Analytics.

Unlock Zazzle Store's Potential with Lyn Analytics​

Discover how Lyn Analytics for Zazzle keyword and research tool empowers Zazzle store owners with actionable insights, driving better business outcomes and boost your Zazzle store’s performance.


Keyword Research

Optimize your Zazzle product listings with strategic keyword research, insights, driving more traffic and increasing your conversion rate.


Store Analytics

Analyze performance metrics, trends, and competitor data from any Zazzle store to make informed decisions that position Zazzle store for success in a competitive Zazzle marketplace.


Marketplace Analysis

Find Zazzle bestsellers and learn from their success to replicate it across your Zazzle store, earn more revenue from Zazzle.


Product Analytics

Leverage cutting-edge analytics and product research to understand market trends, consumer behavior, and the competitive landscape, positioning your Zazzle store for success.

Features Designed with Your Store in Mind.

From insights to action β€” the power to grow is in your hands. Explore our suite of Zazzle analytics tools, meticulously crafted Zazzle research tool to help you understand Zazzle market, optimize Zazzle tag research, and boost Zazzle sales.

Identify the popularity and demand for specific keywords, helping you target high-traffic terms.

Easily navigate through data by sorting and filtering results to find exactly what you need.

Discover the top keywords across the marketplace to inform your optimization strategies.

Uncover top-performing products in any category to guide your product selection.

Real Results from Zazzle Sellers Like You

Discover How Lyn Analytics Empowers Zazzle Sellers


Average Rating 4.0 on Webstore

Linda F. Lane
Linda F. Lane⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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I've been using this for the last few weeks and already depending on it for my research. It helps me a lot finding out the keywords and niche I need to work on.
William T
William T⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Had my Zazzle store live for few months and barely making it to search results. Started using this extension last month; optimized my store and just made my first sale. ❀️ ❀️
Pixel Peak
Pixel Peak⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Love it!
Edward Zhou
Edward Zhou⭐⭐⭐
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I cannot find the 7-day trial option on the pricing page. Only Free and $39.99/month Pro option! Please fix it. Also, the website is down.
David Cowell
David Cowell⭐⭐⭐
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The tool would be great, but the free trial licence has given me limited access. The information given for how to get the license is also not clear at all. The price for the pro is totally crazy for a new tool that has no reviews and not many people using it. The price for pro is $30 on one web page and $39 on the order page. This makes it hard to trust the seller of this potentially great tool for Zazzle users.

Lyn Report

for Zazzle

Pricing Plans

Our pricing plans are desinged to be affordable, flexible and tailored to your unique needs.

Lyn Report for Zazzle

Pro Tier




first month

Use Coupon LR46 for 62% off on first month


/month after

βœ… Sales summary dashboard

βœ… Best-selling products analysis

βœ… Detailed product performance

βœ… Visualized sales graph

βœ… Advanced sales filtering

βœ… Custom report by date

βœ… Geo-location insights

βœ… Top customer data

βœ… Actionable sales insights

βœ… User-friendly interface

+And More

Lyn Analytics for Zazzle

Free Tier



βœ… Result Summary

βœ… Top 4 Custom Products

βœ… Product Summary

βœ… Store Summary

βœ… Long-tail & Short-tail Keywords

❌ Best Selling Listings

❌ Keyword Search Result

❌ Limited Sorting Filtering

❌ Expanded Listing View

❌ Seller Level Badge

Pro Tier




first month

Use Coupon PO67 for 67% off on first month


/month after

βœ… Everything on free plus

βœ… Best Selling Listings

βœ… Keyword Search Result

βœ… Limited Sorting-Filtering

βœ… Expanded Listing View

βœ… Seller Lever Badge

βœ… Focus Keywords

βœ… One-Click Copy Keywords

βœ… Suggested Keywords

+And More

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